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Matney Wrongly Takes Taxpayer Money

Mark Matney asked the Washington County Taxpayers for a pay raise and Charlie Hargis and the good ole boys gave it to him. What's wrong with that you might ask? Well let me count the ways:

  1. The Commissioner of Revenue is a Constitutional Office and the salary is paid by the State not the County.

  2. Matney missed the deadline for asking the State, so he asked the Board of Supervisors to use the Contingency Fund. Yep, all but the first month's payment will come from the Fund the County has in reserve to address fiscal and environmental crises.

  3. Although the entire office had to pass the Master Commissioner's test, the entire raise will go to Matney, NOT the team.

So, Washington County taxpayers, Mark Matney took money from our local budget that rightfully should have come from the State. Selfish, egotistical and fiscally irresponsible are the words that come to mind. Let him know how you feel:


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