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High Horse Henry

I don't like to be misled. I don't know anyone who does. So I'm more than a bit irritated on behalf of Washington County voters that David Henry is doing everything he can to make himself appear as the Democratic candidate for Commissioner of Revenue when in fact, he is running as an Independent.

You will recall that Mr. Henry was beaten in 2019. He blamed that loss on having a "D" by his name rather than taking responsibility for the fact that voters were under-impressed by his flashy pose, and their displeasure with his inattentiveness to taxpayers' business.

And yet Mr. Henry is taking every opportunity to put his blue campaign signs alongside those of incumbent Democrats, Fred Parker and Josh Cumbow. That's misleading in my book.

Mr. Henry, we have our Candidate. It's NOT you. Christina Rehfuss is a proud Democrat who works hard and takes personal accountability seriously. She has the personal and professional experience to serve Washington County voters with integrity and diligence.

I understand that you want to glean Democratic votes by association; but you sir, are not a Democrat. It's disingenuous to suggest otherwise.


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