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We Deserve Qualified Candidates

People around here say: "you could get a pig elected if he ran as a Republican".

I beg to disagree. Voters in Washington County are smarter than that. We are blessed with an abundance of common sense, and it doesn't take an advanced degree from the eastern part of the State to know who is qualified to do the job they are running for. Here are 2 examples that stand out:

Fred Parker has been our County Treasurer for 37 years. He qualified as a Master Treasurer the first year it was available and every year since. He has served as President of the Virginia Association of Treasurers. He is from here, grew up here, and dedicated his life to public service here in Washington County. As taxpayers, we trust him to collect the money because he has earned that trust.

Now voters are always served by having a choice, and two Republicans have decided to challenge Fred this year for his position. One is a Pharmacist and Town Council Member with no finance experience but a familiar face. The other is an entrepreneur with fingers in lots of pots that have nothing to do with public service, and where he has never managed the public trust.

The other example is the Commonwealth's Attorney race. Josh Cumbow has been the Commonwealth's Attorney since 2016. In that time, he has won every jury trial to date, including five (5) homicide cases. He has also fulfilled a commitment to expand the Washington County Drug Court Program which ensures that people who have become addicted to drugs have an opportunity to get themselves clean, and back to productive lives.

Choices, again favor the voter. The Republicans are offering a candidate with NO jury trial experience. None. She is a delightful woman who will greet you Saturday mornings at the Farmer's Market selling baked goods, but she is not a trial lawyer.

Washington County voters can see the differences in these races because it comes down to common sense. And while they may hear the "oink"; they will choose the experience.


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