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There Goes the Planet and $630 Million

From his first day in Office, Governor Youngkin made clear his desire to kill Virginia’s participation in RGGI; the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

But RGGI is a big part of our path to reach a very clear mandate made under the Virginia Clean

Economy Act: to eliminate carbon dioxide emissions from Virginia’s major sources (large electrical power plants) by 2050.

Exiting RGGI makes no sense at all. Aside from failing to act on the climate issue, Virginians loose an estimated $105 million dollars a year for the next six years in sales of CO2 credits, money dedicated under the Clean Energy and Flood Preparedness Act to go towards:

Relief to localities hit by severe weather, recurrent floods. Higher tides and;

Construction grants for new housing developments & low-income energy home improvements. Southwest Virginia needs its share.

Tell Governor Youngkin you oppose any plans to remove Virginia from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative or otherwise stall or slow progress to address climate change in any way.

Shooting down RGGI means less relief for rural Southwest Virginia now and higher tides for Eastern Virginians later.

Please send your comments soon to before March 17,2023.

For more information and suggested comments you can send follow this link to the League of Women Voters position statement:

Dan Manweiller WCVADC Member


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