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Rural Democrat's Statement of Beliefs Conference

On January 19th, 2023, the Washington County Democratic Committee held a press conference at the Southwest Virginia Cultural Center and Marketplace establishing Rural Democrats core beliefs. Susan Stancill, Chair of the Washington County Democratic Committee, stated the following at the conference,

"Democrats have passed some of the most impactful legislation in generations. The Infrastructure Bill that was opposed by every Republican in Virginia will upgrade the existing power grid and bring much needed transportation, roads, internet, and healthcare to SWVA and rural communities across America. These pieces of legislation, which will dramatically add to the quality of life of rural Virginians, would not have been possible were it not for the steadfast support of our Senators Warner and Kaine who are a constant presence in SWVA and have demonstrated their connection to the SWVA voters’ lived experience. Yet the State and National Democratic Party cannot connect with rural working class voters largely because of the failure to perceive and understand the importance of the 2nd Amendment to these voters.
Well that stops today here in Washington County. With the unanimous support of the Democratic Committee of Washington County we have established a Statement of Beliefs for Rural Democrats."

Rural Statement of Beliefs

  • In the Rule of Law, the democratic form of government, and the Constitution of the United States.

  • That the Bill of Rights and all other rights conferred by the Constitution must be taken as a whole. It is not a menu that one can order from based on personal taste or belief. That means that the protections conferred by the 2nd Amendment are co-equal with the protections conferred by the 1st Amendment and all other constitutional rights.

  • That all United States citizens are co-equal human beings who should enjoy every right conferred in the Constitution and in law. That in order for any citizen of the United States to effectively pursue life, liberty, and happiness, all must have access to a quality public education, and quality affordable healthcare, which are essential services that the government must ensure.

  • That all citizens of the United State should be able to earn a living wage, and that they have the right to organize and bargain collectively with the employer for that wage.

  • That in a democracy, power comes from the people who elect their representatives, and access to voting is essential to the health of that democracy.

  • That every citizen should have equal opportunity to have their voice heard and to enjoy economic prosperity regardless of where they reside.


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