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Pillion Votes No on Insulin Cap

Why Senator? You represent people who often have to choose whether

to pay the utility bill or buy insulin. You seem to have lost touch with the people you represent. They aren't at the Virginian or the Olde Farm. They are in these hills and hollers and they need a voice that understands their challenges. Could it be because big Pharma gives you money?*

Todd Pillion was one of only 13 Senators to vote NO to establishing a Commission to identify prescription drugs that should be cost capped because they are essential for public health. The bill lists factors for the Board to consider that indicate an affordability challenge for the health care system in the Commonwealth or high out-of-pocket costs for patients.

SB 957 Prescription Drug Affordability Board and Fund established; drug cost affordability review. Establishes the Prescription Drug Affordability Board for the purpose of protecting the citizens of the Commonwealth and other stakeholders within the health care system from the high costs of prescription drug products. The Bill passed 26-13.

*Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America $2500

*Pfizer $1750


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