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Eliminating access to Abortion care is simply another tax on the poor and working class.

The fact is, that women who do not have access to safe and legal abortion have significantly lower health and economic outcomes than women who do.

That means that the cycle of poverty that defines much of Appalachia will continue. Our young women and families will not have the economic or educational opportunities that women in other regions of the Commonwealth do. The numbers of children who are poor and hungry will continue to rise, and women forced out of the workforce because they cannot afford childcare, will ensure that yet another generation of our young people are closed out of the middle class.

Employers who recognize the value of giving families and women the right of self- determination will not come to an area that strips employees of that right. Those jobs will go where they have always gone… somewhere else.

The wealthy and privileged have always had access to reproductive choice and they always will. Eliminating it is simply another tax on the poor and working class.

If terminating a pregnancy is something you would never consider, we support your choice. Eliminating access for other women doesn’t insure that abortions won’t happen; only that they won’t happen safely. Let’s trust women to be in charge of their bodies and their lives.


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