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Do Democrats Think Parents Matter in Education?

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

You bet we do! Children attend school about 6-7 hours per day, 5 days a week. The rest of the time they are with their parents and in community. Teachers and parents both want the best educational outcome for our students; and certainly our community has a vested interest in our children succeeding and becoming productive citizens and parents.

Someone once said "it takes a village to raise a child."Democrats agree. The centerpiece of that village is public schools. In partnership with parents, teachers and coaches, band instructors and counselors, work everyday to help produce happy well adjusted young people.

Teachers are not a substitute for parents. Teachers are not there to be disciplinarians, they teach self discipline. Teachers have no personal agenda. Teachers have a professional agenda to help children open their minds and become curious about the world around them. Think Science. They want children to understand how to figure out why things work, and how. Think Math. Teachers want children to learn to think critically and mature emotionally. Think Literature. Teachers want children to be able to cope with a rapidly changing world and work environment. Think Technology. Teachers want children to understand the world they live in terms of current events, to understand that the world is both civilized and uncivilized, without being overwhelmed by that thought. Teachers want children to discover their passion, whether that is music, or theater, or athletics or writing. Teachers take that responsibility seriously.

These are the opportunities that public education offers our children. But it is all for nothing if parents and teachers are not in partnership and rowing in the same direction. Parents have to take responsibility too. Children need to see parents valuing that educational opportunity.

Parents matter alright. They need to come to parent teacher conferences after a long day at work and before they cook dinner. Parents need to ask questions about how their child is doing academically, emotionally and socially. If they have questions about what their child is learning and why, they need to ask. If their child is experiencing issues at home, they need to tell the teacher so he or she can give grace and compassion. Reading social media is not involvement. It's propaganda. Parents need to be smarter than that so that their children can make that distinction as well.

Being a teacher is hard work. Being a parent is hard work. If there is open communication and mutual support, both jobs become and easier and the beneficiaries are our kids.

Yes parents matter.


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